Dutch family business

Growing up with a ‘crazy about flowers’ dad, all five sons of Peter Hoek were affected by his floral passion since they were little boys. As soon as they could ride a bike they were already selling flowers in their neighborhood to make some pocket money. Now, many years later, they are all operational in different parts of the business. The brothers form, together with a passionate team surrounding them, the foundation of this family business.

The youngest one. Part of the team responsible for logistics. Also in training to become a buyer.


Director Hoek flowers. In charge of all the daily operations within the company.


Manager transport. Responsible for all outgoing transport flows within the organization.


Founder. A sounding board to his sons and still overlooking the everyday things within the business.


Manager import. The oldest brother, in charge of the flower import out of South America.

Peter Jr.

Supporting his brother with imports and as well executive in the production process.